Sunday, 19 March 2017

Activist Sulaiman Bhimani fears assault by his co-religionists

Email received from Sulaiman Bhimani is reproduced below, to ensure his physical safety today evening, OR, in the eventuality of assault on him in Aurangabad, to point towards the culprits.

The Commissioner of police
Aurangabad City
Respected Sir

  • Apprehension of physical assault and criminal intimidation by Ramzan Charania (9850560505) staying at Fazalpura near collector office opp  Gulshan Mahal
  • Request to take preventive action under Crpc 151 as I am from Mumbai and have come to perform last rites of my uncle Abdul Aziz Bhimani.
Ramzan charaniya had yesterday abused me and threatened me while I was performing last rites of my uncle in Padegaon JK and there is apprehension he will do the same today evening @ 7 pm while performing my religious ceremony after the burial of my uncle I need police intervention if he does it today also kindly go through the message send to our President.

Ramzan Charaniya
Ya Ali Madad President Saheb 

This is to inform your kind self yesterday our family members had gone to attend ziyarat dua of my uncle Abdul Aziz Bhimani in Padegaon Jamat Khana with relatives who had come from Canada and other centres of India during that time The maji mukhi started abusing and threatening me with dire consequences in the JK itself and he even had the audacity to say I keep Jalallmukhi  in my pocket as Jalallmukhi  is under his obligation, the present Mukhee  did not intervene, As Mukhee and Leaders of Ismaili  Jamat you are expected to bring unity in the Jamat but here the division and partition  is encouraged 

What an awful impression was created in the minds of relatives who came from Canada they were shocked how can a Maji Mukhee behave like a Gundaa in JK that too abusing and using filthy language like a street chaap tapori in front of ladies.

If the Maji Mukhee wants to have dialogue I am ready for it at the appropriate forum and not when the family is in deep grief and performing last rituals in the JK or if he  wants to prove that he is a big goonda of Aurangabad and even council is afraid of him I do not mind to face him alone at the place of his choice but it should be at appropriate time and place.

Today chaliswa dua is kept in Padegaon JK after telephone conversation with Mukhee that the Maji Mukhee will not create any scene or else we will keep chaliswa dua in fazalpura JK but Mukhee has assured no unpleasant situation will arise by maji Mukhee.

But to be on the safe side we are informing the police to take action if any law and order situation arises as an Indian and as an Ismaili we are law abiding citizen.

Even after the assurance of the Mukhee and informing the president if any harm or misbehavior is done to any member then the entire leadership will be held responsible.

Kindly listen to the clip of my phone conversation with the Mukhi (main priest) of Padegaon Jamat Khana to understand the gravity of  the situation.

Ya All Madad

For more details about the cause of this threat, read this article in Afternoon newspaper.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How Ekta World is trying to muzzle and prevent us reporting its fraud

Mumbai, 15th March, 2017: Yesterday afternoon, I received an email that was sent on behalf of Ekta World Pvt Ltd that worried me for a few minutes -- yeah, but only for a few minutes before I clearly saw that this crooked builder was bluffing and intimidating once again. 

(Background: Ekta World has a troubled relationship with truthfulness and factuality. A couple of days back, the builder tried to scare freelance journalist Raju Vernekar that a matter was "subjudice" and that he would file a defamation suit against him also. That tactic backfired; instead of preventing Vernekar from publishing his story, it actually triggered him to publish this story in Afternoon Despatch & Courier! More about this incident in my blog here.)


Today, while at work, I received the following email: 
"From: Avinash Vidwans <>
Date: Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 4:36 PM
Subject: Hearing of Application for interim and ad-interim relief in Special Civil Suit No. 36 of 2017 in the Court of C.J.(S.D.) at Vasai.

Respected Sir / Madam,
Please find herewith attached copy of an Application for interim and ad-interim injunction to be moved against you Mr. Vineet Malik and Krishna Raj Rao in the Court of C.J.(S.D.) at Vasai on 15th day of March, 2017 at 11.00 am or so soon thereafter, on behalf of my client M/S Ekta Parksville Homes Pvt.Ltd.
Please take notice that, you may remain present if you so desire at the above mentioned time and date and venue.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
Avinash Vidwans, Advocate."

Attached to this email was this word file. The fun contents of this file are dissected and analyzed in my blog here. (For the sake of continuity, I am forced to separate these, but please don't miss reading it, because the bluffs contained in that document are really hilarious!)

Anyway, after my first reaction subsided, I wrote this email in reply:

From: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Date: Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: Hearing of Application for interim and ad-interim relief in Special Civil Suit No. 36 of 2017 in the Court of C.J.(S.D.) at Vasai.
To: Avinash Vidwans <>
Cc: Raju Vernekar <>,, Vineet Malik <>, Deepti Nair <>, Gopal Mehta <>, "Adv. Abdul Rasheed Qureshi" <>, Ashok Mohnani <>

Dear Mr Avinash Vidwans,

1) I have been given no reason to believe that you are an advocate, or that you have been duly appointed by Ekta Builders to represent them. You have not even sent a copy of your vakalatnama signed by Mr Ashok Mohnani. Kindly furnish adequate proofs immediately.

2) Further, I have been given no reason to believe that the word file that you have sent to me is the authentic and true copy of the "Special Civil Suit" that you claim is being filed at Vasai Court. Hence, it cannot be considered to be Notice served to me. Kindly serve notice immediately in a way that will be legally acceptable and verifiable, i.e. hard copy or scanned copy of stamped and registered "Special Civil Suit".

3) Please note further that you have deliberately and malafidely served this notice without giving adequate notice of 48 hours to enable us to respond. You have sent me this unsigned word file with barely 16 hours of notice, the previous evening. Hence, your foregoing email cannot be considered to be proper service of notice under any circumstances.

4) Please note further that Vasai Court is in no way the proper jurisdiction for filing of your case. Just because you have a project at Virar does not mean that you can file at Vasai. You also have a project at Nashik; that does not give the Nashik court proper jurisdiction over your case. As your client's registered office is at Bandra, the court with proper jurisdiction will also within Mumbai jurisdiction. Hence, for want of proper jurisdiction, your court injunction, if filed, will be without proper jurisdiction, and will give me cause to seek proper reliefs against you for abuse of the judicial process.

5) Moreover, as there is currently no court injunction of any nature against my writings, please note that I will be publishing two stories about your double-dealings and fraudulent dealings with your customers before 3 am tomorrow morning. Since they are based solidly on documentary proofs that are in public domain, and are in public interest, there is no need for me to seek rebuttal from your client.

I wish your clients good luck in their attempts to restrain us from exposing their cheating and fraud. And when the proper occasion arises, I look forward to seeing your clients in court. Please be forewarned, I will spare no efforts to expose your clients' fraudulent dealings, and I shall widely report the outcome of each and every court proceeding in future. That is not a threat, but a solemn promise.

For the record: I am acting on my own behalf as a freelance journalist. Mr Vineet Malik and other clients of Ekta World are my sources of information. I have not received a paisa of remuneration from these persons, nor do I intend to at any time in the future.

Please feel free to produce this email as proof before any forum, judicial or otherwise.

Best Wishes,
Krishnaraj Rao

After writing this email, I decided to put into public domain all that I had to say about the dealings of Ekta World before the next morning (Wednesday, 15th March), by when the Civil Judge may be induced to give an arbitrary order muzzling me.

But then, my activist colleague Sulaiman Bhimani checked the causelist and found that there is no hearing scheduled today (15th March). As per the below causelist, the next hearing date is 18th April 2017, and the case status is "Awaiting Summons". We are not needed to attend the hearing tomorrow, because there is no hearing!

So, Ekta World is bluffing as usual. The date given in the lawyer's email is a lie. The question is: Why this lie? Are they thinking that we will panic, scramble to engage a lawyer, work overnight to draft a reply, and turn up at Vasai court at 11 am tomorrow, only to find with disappointment that there is no hearing? Or is Ekta World's top honcho Ashok Mohnani hatching plans to have us assaulted or killed on the way to the court? Or, has he laid a trap to fix us by framing us in a false case of some sort? Vasai is a notorious area, being the home-turf of well-known criminal gangs.

As always, watch this space for further developments. Dekhte rahiye iss dharavahik ki UGLY kadee!

Krishnaraj Rao

PS: And in case you are wondering what I wrote about Ekta World that has them running to Civil Court, read these blog posts: